The front page of this site is a feed of the most recent blog articles. Anything and everything can be found there. If you’re only interested in a particular category, you can find a link to just those blog posts here.


Dealing with the house, renovating, decorating, building and cleaning, as well as our experiences growing food, landscaping, gardening

“Home” posts.


My career is in IT, so expect many technical posts to appear here involving work, latest news and developments, as well as the website itself. There may be some crossover with the Home category as we plan on updating the house in the future.

“Technology” posts.


Similar to “Home”, though not limited to just the house. Life experiences, trips, adventures and lessons.

“Life” posts.


Though there’s not much here right now, working towards a financially sustainable future is important for everyone. Whether it’s debt, DINKs, FIRE or anything else, I’ll probably talk about it at some point.

“Finance” posts.