Clean the Greenhouse

I’m planning on cleaning out the greenhouse today.

The glass is… okay. Lots of grime on it, and some mold growing between the panes of glass and the frame. I think I can clear it out, though I’m not sure how I’m going to get behind the thing to the the rear and fence-side. Those sides may have to remain dirty for now.

We purchased some seeds (Tomato, Catnip, and something called Cucamelon), some tools and soil yesterday but I’m not sure we’ll have time to plant the tomato today. There’s a lot of work to do – just look at how much crap I’ve gotta take out before I can start cleaning!

The other side is the same – With any luck some of the pots will be useful. I hate to think what’s lurking under all that. Shudder. I despise spiders.

I’m confident that there’s no broken glass in there. It’s quite warm and there isn’t a breeze. Whether that will remain true once I’ve removed everything remains to be seen, I think I need to take a saw to those rotten wood benches as they’re nailed in really tight to the bricks (which are in turn cemented to each other and the floor)

Once it’s clean, it’ll be lovely!

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