Themes! Oh boy. I foresee myself spending lots (and lots) of time making new themes. Some will be just recolours, whereas others will probably change the look and feel of the site quite a lot.

Click the image to set the theme. Theme preferences are set via a cookie, the only one in use on this site, called fyr-theme, which contains the name of the theme you have selected. It expires after 30 days, and if you don't select one at all the cookie won't get saved to your device. No JavaScript, just a messy but JavaScript-free page reload! Yay!

Default - Red Alert

The OG Theme - I built the site with this theme in mind. It's dark, it's red, and a little bit menacing. Based on the glorious Shellsharks.com website!

Aurora at Night

Enhanced aurora with a tree trunk in the foreground

May 10 2024 was the day that the Aurora presented itself to my eyeballs - it was the first time I saw it and it was magical. I posted a few pictures (here and here then had a thought- I had to make a theme based on it. Whilst the theme ended up being sort of not quite aurora-y, it is still alright! This was the first additional theme made for this site - whilst I wanted to make theme choices an option to readers, this is where that began.

CSS Naked Day

The HTML for this site is shown in a dark theme. Where a reference to a CSS file should be there is instead noise, with the rest of the code glowing and blurring slightly. On top of the HTML code is the text 'CSS Naked'

April 9th is CSS Naked Day, so I've added logic to determine if it's in or around that date and not apply any CSS at that time!

This day supports and promotes web standards - a website should be readable and functional without any JavaScript or CSS. Afterall, Chrome and Firefox aren't the only things that people use to look at websites. There are many other methods like screen readers, text-based browsers and other tools which care not for the appearance but only the content. I want to make sure this site is perfectly usable by these tools. Accessibility will be an ongoing project, but it starts here.