Aurora Redux

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I posted yesterdays aurora post, feeling happy to have seen a smudgy purple haze in the sky. Little did I know that outside things were getting significantly more magical, That was, until I decided to have one last peek about an hour later to see if anything had changed... and it had.

Green, purple orange and blue aurora with a large Oak tree silhoutte. Some stars are also visible Purple, green and blue aurora are visible, surrounded by the dark leaves of trees to the left, right and bottom of frame Purple, orange, blue and green aurora slash diagonally down from the top left to the bottom right, cutting through suspended power cables Blue aurora strike down from the top right, with several power lines cutting through the bands from the top left to the bottom middle of the image A telegraph pole stands, dark, with a blue and purple meandering aurora lighting up the sky behind it The top of a telegraph pole in the lower left, with cables extending to the lower right, serves as the foreground to many beams and shafts of brightly glowing aurora, starting purple at the top of the frame and turning blue towards the bottom A telegraph pole stands against a sky lit with a large bulbous looking aurora, purple and blue with a hint of orange All the colours of the rainbow are present in this aurora, shafts striking down from the top left to the bottom right. Red, purple, blue, orange and green. A thick showing of aurora cuts across the sky and th stars above, purple to to blue to green. Cables frame the bottom and right of the image A dark band from the top right to the bottom right shows the edge of the aurora which fills the rest of the image, glowing, from right to left, purple, blue, and finally into green An old, dead tree trunk sits staring up at the sky, as aurora falls down upon it, glowing purple, green and blue, with the occasional star to pierce the sky

Seeing them with eyes isn't quite as impressive as seeing them through a camera lens. To my eyes they looks like slightly purple or green bands of glowing air that slowly shift and change as you watch, like very faint glowy clouds at night. Point a camera at them though and you get something much more vibrant.

These (and many, many others) were all taken on a Pixel 4a in Night Sight. Other than cropping, scaling and exporting (and whatever the craziness the Pixel does as it renders these) there has been no editing or post processing.

I think I'm going to use these in my next theme for this site. Theme selector, here we come!