Clean the Greenhouse: 75%

The glass of the greenhouse that I can reach has been cleaned and it’s looking so much better now – look at those reflections!

We’ve still got all the junk I cleared out sat on the grass. We’re going to have so much rubbish that we’re probably going to need to hire a skip, but I don’t want to do that until we’re nearly done. No point paying to keep it for ages whilst we finish the place, not sure what to do about it. The tip/rubbish dump is quite far away and we only have small cars so it’ll take multiple journeys. We might have to grit our teeth and bare it for now 🙁

We had a visitor, too! Our first (that I am aware of) bee! We have only recently gained a couple of unexpected flowers that sprouted up from between the weeds, some of which didn’t do well with the recent cold snap. They’re spring flowers, so those that survive won’t last long, but it’s adding a bit of colour to the place already.

You can see the pollen on its head. Pretty cool!

Beekeeping is something I’ve wanted to try since playing with it in a mod in Minecraft. We have nowhere near enough space for it, though. I’ve got my eye on some nearby land which would be perfect for it… just need the cash.

Oh, and to finish the property we do own, first. Can’t forget that.

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