First Bloom

We’ve noticed loads of additional colours appearing in the garden!

Before I get to the new plants, I wrote about the blossom trees at the bottom of the garden previously. These are really coming out now, the colour in them is so strong it pulls your eyes up whenever you glance out the window.

As for the other plants around the property, some of them are Daffodils, plants that sprout out of the ground from a bulb at around this time of year. They’re early to appear, but don’t last long.

But there are many more than just Daffodils – I don’t know what the rest of them are, even though my partner has told me some of their names several times now… poor memory.

Some of them are probably weeds too, but I know nothing about flora, so have no idea what the difference between a weed and a normal garden plant is… Oh well, plenty of time to learn. Here’s some pics!

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