The Long Wait


It’s been a few months since I posted here, and it’s not out of laziness (mostly) – our lives have been incredibly chaotic.


At home we’ve been really busy sorting out the house we moved in to in December. We’ve made loads of progress getting to phase zero but we’re not quite there yet.

When I say phase zero I mean getting it clean and painted with new flooring. Resetting it back to how it should be, a blank canvas ready to be moved in to and lived in. We’re nearly there – we’re working through the rooms one by one, getting them stripped back entirely, cleaned, holes and cracks filled, sanded and painted. When it’s sunny out, we’re working in the garden either demolishing a pond for a corner patio, growing food, or trying our best to sort out the flora. I’ll write something up about each of these in due course.


Running a Library is never easy, so my partner is always focused on that job between the hours of 9am to 5pm. It’s one of those things that never quite seems to settle down. Even during the brief periods of quiet there are stacks of books to inventory or clubs and author visits to sort out. I don’t know how she does it!

As for myself, we’ve had a big GDPR crunch in the workplace which has heavily affected IT. I’ve spent the last 6 months focusing on that, but it’s been really hard graft over the last few months in particular. The run up to May 25th was hectic, but the aftermath is still being felt.

There are lots of new policies and procedures that need to be created in all areas, so a team of us at work have been chipping away at that. We’ve also had to do an impact assessment on all third parties we use, so for the last month or so all I’ve really been doing is reading privacy policies. We’ve got hundreds of third parties, most of which utilise personal data somehow. The goal is to trim that number down as much as possible (less work for us moving forward if we can do that) but it’s an uphill battle. For every 5 I tick off the list, a new product lands on my desk, either one we didn’t know about or one that another department is requesting. It feels like it’ll never end.


I’ve been missing writing here – there’s so much to talk about. I’ve got pictures of a lot of work we’ve been doing so I can back fill some content and talk about the progress of different projects we’ve completed or are in the process of completing. I’d also love to get back into some more technical stuff but with all the non-technical work happening at work and all the house work happening at home there isn’t much play time left.

Besides, who wants to sit indoors and tinker with tech when the weather is so nice outside right now?

Oh, I try to keep posting to Instagram so keep an eye on that if you’re so inclined. You can see some of the progress (mostly garden/growing) there.

Until next time!

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