DevOps 101

A colleague and I were reading through the recent Reddit Infrastructure Team AMA and came across a link to, which is essentially an introduction to DevOps. The menu on the left is pretty large, you can see it goes over a wide variety of topics and although some of these need some work and fleshing out, there is a lot of useful information there. I’m glad they touch on the soft-skills, too. It’s a somewhat-false-but-not-entirely-untrue stereotype that those in IT lack certain skills required to grow in a professional environment. Keeping on top of these soft skills is more important as you grow as they often become a key (but not the only) factor in deciding upon promotions and raises.

Although I’m not in DevOps, I will certainly be reading through some of this and I would encourage all technical folk, whether already working in the field or interested in doing so, to have a look.

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