About fyr.io

This, my little corner of the 'net, is a dumping ground for the adventures, thoughts and learnings I have as I venture through life with my wife and son. I am a sysadmin by trade, a gamer and a reader, with a passion for information security. I spend a lot of time poking at this and prodding at that. I have many ideas for useful tools and resources and will, when time allows, create a toolbox of stuff that you might find useful.

This site is currently on its third (or fourth?) iteration, the latest being inspired by shellsharks and the indie web - this site is probably always going to be a work in progress as I'm building it entirely myself (I dropped wordpress in favor of a homebrew option) but I'll make sure to document anything interesting.

Speaking of interesting, this site is mostly for me but perhaps, if our interests align, you'll find something neat here too. Take a look around and maybe you'll come across something great:

Dig around, see what you find!

Contact me

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, send an email to this domain (put the word "hello" before the @)


I like to muck about with CSS, so I've added a theme switcher to this site. Check it out!