This site is a dumping ground for the adventures I (Matt) have had and will continue to have.

I built this site first as an experiment in minimal, scriptless web design, then thought it’d make a great site for technical documents, but never really had the time or inclination to go through with it. Work was hectic and far away, motivation was severely lacking due to environment.

Then I met a girl. She moved in. She got sick of the place, the pace and lifestyle, just as I had.

“Enough!” Said we! We took control – we moved. Much closer to work, and out into the country. Not far enough away from civilisation to panic (there’s only so much land in the UK afterall, you’re rarely more than 30 minutes drive away from somewhere substantial) but far enough to lead a totally different lifestyle.

We spend more time together, more time at home and a lot less in the car. More time being happy, more fulfilled, more motivated.

We have some stunning views and some staggering challenges ahead of us, but nothing a little motivation, ingenuity and time can’t fix. Here’s where we’ll hopefully remember to write about them. And probably some technical stuff to boot.