Reset Sims.Net Password

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If you're trying to migrate or take over a Sims.Net install (say, from an unfriendly MSP, or you are migrating Sims away from a hosted solution to on-prem) or have just forgotten the admin password, you might find yourself with access to the database but without any access to Sims.Net itself - perhaps no passwords have been shared out of spite or the data export/import process has gone a little awry and account information hasn't pulled across quite right.

Sims.Net uses its own internal accounts for access via the application which can be quite awkward to unwind. As long as you have SA access to the database, you can recover from this - Luckily there's a built in routine you can run which makes resetting the sysman account, which will give you enough permissions to get back up and running, a breeze.

Assuming you have access to the database (if you don't have access to the sa account, read this) you can:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio
  2. Right click the Sims database and select New Query
  3. Paste in the following:
    exec sims.db_p_reset_sysman_password
  4. Click Execute

Now you should be able to log into Sims.Net with sysman as the username, and password as the password. It'll ask you to reset this when you log in. All being well you should now have access to Focus > System Manager > Manager Users, and therefore able to escalate privs to take control of things.