RSS For The Win

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The old site used Wordpress, which came with RSS feed functionality built in. This is super useful, I'm a fan of RSS. It's a great, simple way to keep up to date with content posted to a site automatically without needing to visit the site and look with your eyeballs.

When I first updated this site from the previous Wordpress install to this custom... thing... I built, I didn't really bother with RSS feed functionality on day one as I honestly thought nobody was using it, however after poking at the logs I'm seeing a decent number of requests for the old feed url.

So for the first official site functionality upgrade, I have added (back) an RSS feed!

It's pretty basic right now, doing a little bit more than the minimum required by the spec, but I'll add useful and relevant functionality at a later date. I'm using the same URL as the previous Wordpress feed too, so anyone who subscribed to it in the past should resume getting updates now without changing anything on their end. At the moment it's only the title of a post and a link to it pretty much, no description or post images or whatever.

I do know though that those dear RSS feed users will get a dump of all the post links as if they're all new and unread, as the unique identifiers for the posts will be different. For that I apologise.

If you use the RSS feed and want a particular element or feature added, or if I'm doing something horribly wrong and haven't realised, let me know.