Yeah But No But

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I saw Jack Baty's nope list and just had to add my own. So I did.

Then I got thinking about maybe making a /yep list. I wrote out the /nope page and found that the content was mostly things that had a negative slant, and I wasn't sure if this was okay? But I then realised that it is okay! Life is positive and negative and everything in and around that, so why not make that /yep page and have it orient more to the positive side of things! Let balance be restored!

So I did.

The two lists are massively incomplete of course, I will be adding to them, but at the moment the /nope page is more technology oriented whereas the /yep page slides more to the behavioural and bigger picture life side of things. I'm sure there's an academic reason for that, but I do not have the knowledge to even begin picking that apart.

Anyway, there we go. /yep and /nope pages. They didn't even have time to hit the /ideas page. Make them yourself, see what flows out into each list, and let me know if you do.