CSS Naked Day

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There exists a day for everything, but this is one I can get behind: CSS Naked day. It celebrates and promotes web standards, specifically that a site should work with just the HTML. It falls on the 9th April. I heard about it this year on that very day as a few websites I check had implemented the idea. This website hadn't been built yet, it was in its very early stages, and I didn't get an opportunity to add it to the old wordpress site in time. I did however add it to the /ideas page.

And I can now tick it off as completed on that page, as I have now added it! I'm not late for 2024, I'm early for 2025!

On (and around, because timezones exist) the 9th of April, this site will not have any CSS (and I already don't use any JavaScript). As it stands right now you won't be able to turn it on during that window of time, but I'll probably add that feature. Probably.

The reason for doing this is clearly defined on the official site linked above, but to reiterate, it's to promote (and showcase) web standards. Ideally, all sites should be as accessible as possible and this starts with having your site be fully functional with just the HTML. How your browser or screen reader renders it should be pretty much consistent within the family of technology you are using, but if you start to add Javascript gunk or do funky reorganising of structure via CSS, some of your visitors are gonna have a bad time.

Because this feature is being added incredibly late astonishingly early, I have also made it a theme you can use whenever you wish. So, if you don't want to wait until the 9th of April, or if you just wanna check that I'm doing HTML correctly, head over to the theme page and enable the CSS Naked Day theme.