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I've added an h-card to the homepage!

A what now?

An h-card is one type of microformat, which are just standardised ways of presenting different types of information within HTML. Think of an h-card sort of like the HTML version of a business card, but an agreed upon method of presenting, on a website, the relevant information you might want to put on a business card in a machine-readable way, whilst simultaneously fitting in with however you want your website to be structured and designed. It's easy to implement and encouraged within the IndieWeb community as a means of standardising how you present yourself on your personal website. As long as you have a bit of information about your alias, persona or identity on your site you can very easily turn it into a h-card by wrapping that info in a few different classes.

There's a whole list of properties you can use to present all different kinds of information about yourself, and whilst I've opted for a somewhat minimal subset of them there isn't really a required minimal set, so you can do as much or as little as you like. Though of course the more you include the more personalised and open your site will appear to anyone that comes across the h-card.

I've only recently learned about the indieweb and the whole thing appeals to me so much that I opted to drop wordpress in favour of building my own thing. This allows me to change things around and add features with ease, and it has brought back the fun of building websites. I look forward to making small incremental changes to this place!

Whilst I doubt I'll be going all-in on the indieweb dream (like, I doubt I'll bother autopublishing to social media from here whenever I post something, I'm just not into that) this is one of many changes I'll be making to bring this site more in line with the indieweb/smallweb ethos and as a result, hopefully bring a bit of personality to my little slice of the intarwebs.