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I saw the aurora a little bit ago and when I posted the more colourful pictures on here I thought at the time that the colours would make a cool theme.

Using that as inspiration, I built theme support into this site! Yay, another item on the /ideas list ticked off!

In the end, the theme became less aurora-y, despite retaining the name, and just a purple and colourful recolour of the default theme instead. It's not the best theme I've ever built for a website, but it's there!

As mentioned on the theme page, it stores the theme choice in a cookie for 30 days, after which point you'll need to re-set a theme. I'll probably change this to keep the cookie current if you visit this site within that 30 day window at some point.

Now I've got theme support I'm excited to build some more interesting and experimental designs - expect more soon!